Boutique Hotel with Restaurant & Bar Complex in Retford

Lindrick Construction chosen as Principal Contractor for Boutique Hotel with Restaurant and bar complex in Retford.

Lindrick Construction have been chosen as the Principal Contractor tasked with renovating the former police station in Retford into a boutique 14 bedroom hotel, complete with restaurant and bar facilities.

The renovation works will include removing supporting walls and installing new beams to open up the bar area, refurbish the existing windows, putting them back into full working condition, but also making sure that they are within keeping of the local area and conservation. External works include cleaning and repairing the original brick work and stone work, and re paint the gutters and downpipes.

Renovation of Boutique Hotel in Retford

Internally, the existing layout is fully changing to suit the proposed hotel, this has to include all soundproofing of rooms and each room is to include an ensuite bathroom.
The works are due to be completed in October 2018.

For more information regarding this project please Contact Lindrick Building and Construction Services