Clean Rooms & Laboratory Refurbishment Services

When designing and building a clean room there are so many different things to consider. The main part is what ISO class the clean room has to be and the airflow of the clean room.  You then have to work the design around that. This is something that Lindrick Construction has had immense experience in. We have made multiple clean rooms quickly and efficiently. We have also had vast experience in building laboratories for customers. When creating a laboratory, you have to know what it will be used for just like with clean rooms, so you know you can make it as convenient for the customer as possible with what they will be using it for, and what equipment they will need in it and as always, for a fair price.

When building it is important to know the clean room standards, it is also crucial to have a change station (depending on the type of clean room), these change stations range from needing showers in them to the people using them just changing their clothes or putting on protective gear. The bespoke needs of the clean room vary this is why Lindrick Construction take precautions to make sure it is perfect for the individual needs of the client.

Below are some examples of the laboratory and clean room work that we have done.

Clean Room
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If you a looking for a clean room or laboratory to be built, renovated or for general enquiries then contact us here.