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Penny Hydraulics





The demolition and re build project at Penny Hydraulics included a demolition of an existing factory building (retaining the steel frame of one of the existing factories), and an unused dilapidated flat roof office building. The project involved a mix of demolition works, including asbestos removal, and original building foundations. We made up the ground beams on site and power floated the concrete to the new buildings, fabricated and installed the new portal frames to the two storey office block and factory.

Externally, every single window of the two storey building was made to look contemporary, using a black aluminium finish with the façade of the building dressed in a highly insulated Kingspan cladding system to upgrade the visual appearance of the building, including a full height curtain wall window system creating a contemporary focal point of the premises.

Internal works commenced once each floor was secure and weather tight. Over 1200 square metres of space was transformed into a mixture of modern offices, conference & meeting rooms, training suites, and most importantly, the new factory.



Further Project


When demolishing and refurbishing a derelict or old building there are always unique challenges involved, some of these you can anticipate, but others you face along the way. On this project they included:

The age and era of the building
Buildings from this era used a lot of concrete in its design to reinforce the structure (a lot more than typically seen today). This starts to create a host of logistical challenges that you wouldn’t normally face when undertaking a refurbishment project, and as a result requires an extensive amount of demolition works to get the building to point where internal works can commence. During the dig out of the existing building’s foundations we also discovered unexpected shallow mining workings, which we had to investigate further.

Daily site and traffic management
With Penny Hydraulics still continuing production while we work in the area, the site secure from the main road by site hoardings and by the Penny Hydraulics workforce by security fencing and a signing in and out of site diary. The mismanagement of site traffic and deliveries would result in constantly queuing traffic across the site entrance and cause issues and delays in Penny Hydraulics daily production.

Reducing Waste
Due to the nature of the demolition works there was over 200 tonnes of concrete that needed removing. Our Site team ensured that they carry out all their practices in an environmentally friendly way. So to protect the environment, time and consideration was spent identifying which materials could be reused to reduce waste. Due to the sheer volume of concrete this was a very time consuming challenge!

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