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RNN Group North Notts College





Our client required a refurbishment of their existing building to modernise the training and learning facilities. This including relocating a variety of services elsewhere on the campus site, and to upgrade some of the services to become more efficient and suitable for its future use. The new alterations complement the RNN group design to modernise its look with a variety of colours, textures and shapes used in the design.

Our site manager also carried out regular walk-throughs of the site when it was nearing completion with both the head teacher, and teachers who would be using the classrooms, to ensure that fixtures such as white boards and notice boards were placed where they wanted for their classroom set-up. Here are the key works undertaken-

Relocate the Library: The former dance studio located at the heart of the campus was earmarked as the new location for the library.

Form a New AM2 Test Centre: Renovation of the existing kitchens and classrooms to become a modern state of the art Practical Test centre for Electricians to use. 

Form a New M & E Training Centre: The new testing unit was chosen to take the place of the existing library.

This was an incredibly complex site, due to the narrow entrance and access restrictions. No plant moved through the school at any time for safety of staff and students.

The site had just one entrance which is very narrow, meaning logistics could be challenging for large items being delivered. Limited site parking, which meant deliveries were required prior to college opening, or towards the end of the day when the site is quieter.

Due to access restrictions, one of the biggest concerns was waste removal, as we had limited space to store skips and no scope for piling waste to be taken away was allowed. The site was fenced off with the appropriate signage displayed, Health & Safety procedures were strictly adhered to, all site warning, health & safety signs were well displayed, waste management procedures were put in place by means of separating materials that could be recycled or used elsewhere within the project, limiting overall waste from the site.

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